About the SoVA Alumni Group

SoVA’s alumni are joined together by their shared experiences during their student days and also by their membership in a large and vital alumni association after graduation. Our alumni are represented by the School of Visual Arts Alumni Group.

All alumni of the Penn State SoVA are members of the SoVA Affiliate Program Group regardless of their membership in the Penn State Alumni Association. A Board of Directors provides leadership for the APG, and is elected from the membership at-large for a term of three years.

Current Board Members:

William Snyder III, President
Michael Fratangelo, Vice President
Erica Harney
Stephen St. Amant
Mitch Kern

Student Club Members:

Victoria Buchler, Sculpture Club

Faculty Members:

Keith Shapiro
Katarin Parizek

Ex-Officio Members:

Dean Barbara Korner, College of Arts & Architecture
Graeme Sullivan, Director, School of Visual Arts